Conifer Vision

Conifer Vision started as an idea in 2019, with solutions aimed at digitalizing the forest industry, providing analysis and historical database for commercially active forests.
In 2023, after years of rigorous research, trials, and prototyping, we released our commercial solution, a game-changer without compromise on either resolution or scalability. Our mission? To digitalize forests, empower data-driven decisions, and create a lasting impact on business, people, and the environment..

The results produced have been verified with the help of expertise from SLU, forest owners, forest buyers and other forest management experts.
Our development team consists of experts in artificial intelligence, image analysis, software development and IoT (internet of things).

Roger Öhlund, CEO & Founder

Our forests clean water and store carbon, contribute to the local and global economy, and benefit human well-being. The ecological, recreational, and production forest values primarily influence the most closely related forest management attitude, showing that the view a forest owner has on different forms of management styles is shaped by the perceived multiple values of the forest. Factors such as quantitative and qualitative data and current need for operative actions significantly affect their attitudes. Forest management decisions impact sustainable ecosystems, even when operating with back-to-basic operations, and should be based on objective analysis of key components included in long-term strategic forest management plans.

Jonas Granström, Board member & Founder



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