Conifer Vision secures new investment and is pioneering forest asset analysis

Conifer Vision, a company with solutions aimed at digitalizing the forest industry, providing analysis and historical database for commercially active forests, is happy to announce its latest round of investment from its new owners, R Ö Förvaltning AB, Lunova AB, Hans Hansson, Salamander i Råneå AB, Cartesian Coordinates AB, Arctic Ventures Två AB and Monen Invest AB, joining in the continued journey with existing owners. The financial backing will accelerate the establishment of a partner network and launching of solutions that are competitive internationally.

The forest is one of the planet’s most important and valuable resources, one that needs efficient and optimized management. Conifer Vision’s offer is a digital forest service that ensure optimized forest growth, increase yield and reduce environmental impact through an expanded data-driven basis for decisions. Globally, there is about 4 billion hectares of forest and global commercial forestry is one of the world’s largest commodity industries.

Conifer Vision leads the way by innovatively combining technologies like Deep Convolution Neural Networks, Semi Supervised Machine Learning and Self Organizing System algorithms combined with scalable data collection and cloud-based services. The customer can thereby very quickly receive updated quantitative and qualitative analyses with high confidence.

Together with forest owners, we build a sustainable future by transforming forest resource data from AI analysis into proven impact on companies, people and the environment.

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