Smartup Skellefteå

Three years ago, Roger Öhlund and Jonas Granström started the company Conifer Vision, which helps forest owners gain better control over their forest (in Swedish).

First commercial version

We are proud to announce our first commercial version of the cloud based plant inventory and grown forest species inventory services. Significant stakeholders within the forest industry are reviewing results and negotiations are underway.

Conifer Vision joins Arctic Business Incubator

Conifer Vision receives initial funding
It’s official, We are proud to announce that Conifer Vision joins Arctic Business Incubator and receive initial funding. Arctic Business Incubator create new successful innovative growth and export companies from northern Sweden, in close cooperation with Luleå University of Technology and its sister organisations. The accelerator work with several business angels, who often invest both […]

First prototype achieved

Our first analysis engine is up and running. We are able to locate 3 y.o. living pine and spruce plants in drone images of 2 y.o. plantations. Each living plant is tagged with geographical and probability data. First tests show better than 90% hit rate with less than 1% false positives.