New Analysis Software launched

We are happy to announce our latest software release. After a year of extensive development we have increased the capacity of our forest analysis software in several areas.

  • Strengthened AI
    • Updated plant (seedling) inventory
    • Updated species inventory
    • Updated size class recognition
    • Updated multi damage recognition (storm felled trees, barch beetle infestation)
    • Strengthened Semi supervised machine learning
    • Self organized systems data clustering
  • Strengthened calculations (individual trees and aggregated stands with species separation)
    • New height model
    • New canopy models (species specific)
    • New stem models (species specific)
    • New volume calculations (species specific)
    • Canopy coverage
    • DBH
    • Ground surface
    • CO2-binding
    • Natural stand delineation
  • Strengthened automation
    • Scalability
    • Orthophoto generation
    • DTM/DSM generation
    • Stand delineation and automatic selection of AI models
    • Reports
    • GIS layer exports

Congratulations to our development team for excellent work and excellent results.

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