Storm felled forest detection

In the event of a forest fire

When severe, storms can cause extensive damage to forests by uprooting, wounding, bending and breaking trees. Storm damage management should involve a quick assessment to determine the extent of the damage, the need and potential for salvage, and woodland management efforts to return the woodland to a productive status. The potential for salvaging the damaged woodland parallels the marketability of non-damaged forests. Tree value is determined by species, size, and quality, the latter also affected by how long the trees are left unattended. Generally, loggers are not interested in removing small numbers of trees because of the costs of bringing in equipment and labor. There needs to be sufficient quantity as well as quality of timber to attract buyers. There is also an urgency, according to current research, regarding protection against harmful insects in the forest. Trees or tree parts that exceed five cubic meters per hectare risk being breeding material for harmful insects.